The Slovakian design company Kinazo Design creates 3D printed electrically-powered mountain bike with the help of Volkswagen Slovakia.
The Slovakian design firm Kinazo Design recently unveiled an electrically powered mountain bike that is made with metal 3D printed parts. The bicycle was built in collaboration with Volkswagen Slovakia, which supplied the company with industrial-grade 3D printing technology. Priced at a whopping €20,000, this sleek set of wheel can be tailor-made to suit the physical dimensions and needs for each rider.

With 3D printing, Kinazo Design was able to produce the aluminum bike frame without needing to weld the components together. It also allows for each bike to be completely unique from the rest of the pack. The electric bike weighs about 20 kilograms, including the engine and battery pack.

Volkswagen Helps Kinazo Design 3D Print an Electric Mountain Bike

Coincidentally, this mountain bike, which costs as much as a new car, was manufactured in collaboration with the automotive giant Volkswagen.
Kinazo Design is creating components for the bike in the local Volkswagen plant, which is located in Bratislava. The automotive plant is equipped with industrial 3D printing technology that is capable of printing metal parts at up to 80 x 40 x 50 centimeters. With it, the design team was able to conceptualize their bicycle with ease.

Kinazo Design and Volkswagen Collaborate on 3D Printed Electric Enduro Bike

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Thanks to the innovative possibilities of 3D printing, with the use of globally the biggest 3D printer, we produce for sectors all over the world: prototypes, small series, components, as well as tools and appliances,” said Jens Kellerbach, board member for Volkswagen Slovakia finances.

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