Kinazo Design, together with Volkswagen, presented the world premiere with a unique aluminum bike construction made entirely on a 3D printer …

In the VW company has long been focusing on development, testing and production through metallic 3D printing for the automotive industry. The company has now decided to support the interesting idea of the innovative designer Kinazo Design and provide this unique technology for their limited production to create a first sample of electric, fully cushioned mountain enduro bicycle.

They can print a metallic object 80x40x50 cm in one of the few places in the world. For printing, they use a special aluminum powder, along with a 3D laser technology (SLM) (Selective Laser Melting), which employs laser metal melting. The main advantage of such a production method is flexibility in shape modification, which offers the maximum possible individualization in terms of shapes, sizes and especially geometry in the mountain bike frame.

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